We provide highly personalised wealth management services to individual and institutional clients. We are independent and 100% transparent: we choose the investment we consider best for you not the ones giving intermediaries the highest fees.

  • Independent


    No pressure to sell specific investment products
  • Transparent Fees

    Transparent Fees

    100% transparent fees – nothing hidden
  • Qualified & Experienced Team

    Qualified & Experienced Team

    PhDs and Actuaries with extensive market experience
  • EU Regulated

    EU Regulated

    Registered with all the main EU regulators

Why Numisma

Less for the Intermediaries, More for You

Independent - we make decisions we believe are best for you, without any pressure to sell products from third parties.

• 100% transparent fees - no hidden costs, no performance fees, leaving more for investors.

• Highly qualified team - of experienced investment professionals, encompassing PhDs in Quantitative Finance and Actuaries with over 30 years of cumulative investment experience.

Systematic and disciplined investment process - with sophisticated quantitative models of portfolio and risk management

Fully EU regulated - registered with all main EU regulatory authorities, including UK (FCA), Germany (Bafin), Italy (Consob) and France (AMF).


How We Invest

We invest using a renowned investing methodology adapted to the practical reality of modern markets. Our investment strategy has been tested and refined over many years of investing and trading in the market.
Markowitz original drawings

“Markowitz original drawings, 1952”

A Nobel price winning methodology…

In 1952, Nobel prize winner Harry Markowitz invented portfolio optimization. His genius was in identifying that we can use mathematical and statistical tools to create an “optimal” portfolio for each investor– e.g. the portfolio that gives the maximum return for your desired level of risks.

Markowitz’s Modern Portfolio Theory was groundbreaking, but based on some simplifications that limited its practical use in financial markets. Under this theory, very bad events in the markets should be extremely rare. Unfortunately, extreme events occur much more often in real life.

adapted to the reality of modern markets
…adapted to the reality of modern markets.

Taking advantage of the dramatic increases in modern computing power, we have developed a more practical variation of the model, which we have refined in years of trading and investing in the markets.

"Our model includes, among others, a more realistic assessment of:
• The possibility of extreme events in the market
• The actual effect these can have on an investor’s portfolio"

While no model can render portfolios immune to extreme events, such “prudent”, more realistic, models aim to offer investors more attractive returns for the level of risk chosen.

A Systematic and Disciplined Investment Process
A Systematic and Disciplined Investment Process

Our investment Process comprises 4 main phases:

1. Asset Allocation: Our Investment Committee decides our strategic asset allocation evaluating a comprehensive list of both qualitative and quantitative factors. 
2. Investment Selection: We choose the most suitable investments for each asset class, based on a systematic list of criteria, such as liquidity, cost efficiency, likelihood of outperformance. 
3. Optimisation: We perform a detailed optimization of portfolios, with the objective of offering investors more attractive returns for the level of risk chosen. 
4. Risk Management and Monitoring: Portfolios are continuously monitored. We have developed specific software designed to measure, monitor, minimize and forecast risk.


“Example of allocation. Actual allocations vary from client to client.”

Broadly diversified, global portfolios.

The typical final portfolio is:

Highly diversified, both in term of asset classes (Equities, Bonds, commodities, alternative investments) and in term of geographical exposure 
Optimised, aiming to choose the best combination of investments for the need of each investor.

Portfolios are continuously monitored and regularly updated, rebalanced and re-optimised.


Partner, Wealth Management

Arduino has a first class honours Master Degree in Computer Science from Turin University, an MBA with distinction from the University of Edinburgh and a PhD in Quantitative Finance from Imperial College London. He served for 8 years as an Officer in the “Serenissima” Marine Regiment in Venice where he reached the rank of Captain. Arduino has 15 years of experience in investment companies and funds in the UK, Luxembourg and Cyprus and is a consultant of a portfolio of international investment companies.